Learn English at Home

Online courses for Level 1 learners


Future Learn provide a variety of flexible online courses to develop different skills. These courses are free to register:

IELTS speaking

IELTS listening

IELTS reading

IELTS writing

Exploring English language and culture

English pronunciation

Workplace English

English for study


BBC Learning English has an online course with videos and quizzes designed to help you develop your practical English skills for living in the UK

There is a variety of online lessons from ESOL Courses designed to help you develop the English you need for looking for work.

Level 1 Topic Work


Try these activities from ESOL courses to practise different skills:

IELTS reading and writing: tourism in the UK

Martin Luther King Jr

Environmental issues- London air pollution

Speaking and Listening


Here are some activities from Learn English Teens to develop your speaking:

An interview

Discussing exam results

Pros and cons of mobile phones

Who to invite

ESOL Nexus has various activities to help you understand spoken English:

How to find a new job

Advice for writing a CV

Social class in Britain


For a fun listening activity, go to Lyrics Training– find your favourite song and type in the lyrics as you listen.



Learn English Teens has a variety of texts and activities to work on your reading skills:

Fear of missing out

Study problems

The world’s weirdest food


The British Council Learn English website has lots of reading activities to develop your vocabulary:

A plastic ocean

A short story extract

An email from a friend


Do you enjoy reading stories? Try reading short stories on the British Council’s Learn English website:

Choose a story 



Look at these activities from ESOL Nexus to expand your writing skills:

Writing a CV

Writing a college assignment


Read this guide from Using English on how to write a formal letter.

Learn English Teens has various activities on different types of writing:

A blog

A for and against essay

A formal email

An informal email


Try these tasks from British Council Learn English on writing for different purposes:

A covering email


A letter of complaint



Watch these fun Grammar Gameshow videos from BBC Learn English:

Relative clauses

Past perfect



Try these activities from English File Online:

Narrative tenses

Zero and first conditional

Second and third conditional

Gerunds and infinitives

The passive

Headway also has many activities to practise grammar online:

Active and passive 1

Active and passive 2

Narrative tenses



You can find activities on British Council Learn English  to learn the meaning, pronunciation and spelling of new words:


Around town

Streets and roads


Body parts




Games to Learn English has different activities to practise your vocabulary:





Go to BBC Learning English website for their videos on a range of pronunciation features.



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