Learn English at Home

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Online Courses


Here are some courses from Future Learn. You must pay to do the courses but you can access the study materials for free if you register.

Exploring English language and culture

English for the workplace


Here is an online course from BBC Learning English. It is a good way to practise your English and includes activities to boost your grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

Entry 3 Topic Work


Try these activities from ESOL Courses to practise different skills:

IELTS reading and writing: tourism in the UK

Martin Luther King Jr


New Internationalist Learn English Wiki provides reading activities, where you can also practise your grammar and vocabulary:

Women, stop working!

Air pollution after Coronavirus



Pinboard with lots of coloured post-it notes attached
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Speaking and Listening


Listen to these recordings from British Council about a group of friends living in London. You can also do activities to practise the language they use.

Episode 1: Meeting friends

Episode 2: Job offer

Episode 3: Kicked out!


Watch these videos from ESOL Courses:

How to study

How to be on time

Taking Life in the UK test


Randall’s ESL Listening Lab has many different listening activities:

A healthy lifestyle

Breakfast recipes

Leisure activities


For a fun listening activity, go to Lyrics Training– find your favourite song and type in the lyrics.




Here are some reading comprehension activities from ESOL Courses:

Cherry blossom festival

Water economics

Different articles and short stories 


The British Council Learn English website has lots of reading activities to help you understand everyday English and language you need for the workplace:

A flyer for a gym

A travel guide

An email request for help


 Do you enjoy reading stories? Try reading short stories on the British Council’s Learn English website:

Choose a story 

Learner reading from a laptop and taking notes in a notebook
Learner writing in a notebook



Read this guide from Using English on how to write a formal letter.


Learn English Teens has a variety of activities for different types of writing:

A blog


A for and against essay


British Council Learn English offers many activities to help you develop your writing skills about familiar topics:

A professional profile for a job

A report on a student meeting

A restaurant review

Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out



Look at these resources from ESOL Courses to develop your vocabulary for health and looking for a job:

Job search vocabulary list

Job search vocabulary wordsearch activity

Vocabulary for talking about Covid-19


You can find activities on the British Council website to learn the meaning, pronunciation and spelling of new words:


Around town

Streets and roads


Body parts




Games to Learn English has different activities to practise your vocabulary:



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