Learn English at Home

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Online Courses


BBC Learning English has different sessions to help you practise your English.


Here are some courses from Future Learn. You can register for free.

Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate

English for the workplace

Entry 2 Topic Work


ESOL Nexus has different activities to practise the English you need for situations at home:

Changing an appointment

The noisy television


New Internationalist Learn English Wiki provides reading activities, where you can also practise your grammar and vocabulary:

Najala from Kenya says she flies too much

Let’s work less



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Learner studying with headphones on and sitting at a laptop

Speaking and Listening


Here are some videos and listening activities from ESOL Courses:

Climate change

The world’s greatest superfan


These activities from Learn English Teens will help you practise your listening skills:

Eating out

Free time


Stop wasting time


Learn English Teens also has activities to help you with your speaking:

Buying new shoes

Making plans

Giving your opinion

Talking about your family


ESOL Nexus has some videos to practise your listening:

Around the UK



ESOL Courses has some activities to help you prepare for Functional Skills reading exam:

Understanding job descriptions

Fire safety at work

Starting work


Read these news articles from News in Levels and watch the videos:

Applause for Spanish workers

Car companies help

New York bans plastic bags

Olympics delayed 


There are lots of different reading activies on British Council Learn English:

A message to a new friend

An email from a friend

An invitation to a job interview

Learner reading from a laptop and taking notes in a notebook
Learner writing in a notebook



ESOL Nexus has some activities to help you develop your writing skills:

Shopping at a market

A fish and chip meal

Why people like to queue

There are lots of activities to practise your writing on British Council Learn English:

A personal profile

My last holiday

Messaging to make plans

An expression of interest




Have a look at these grammar activities from BBC Learning English:

Making questions

Present simple and present continuous

Adverbs of frequency

‘Have to’ and ‘must’

Past simple


British Council Learn English has a variety of grammar activities to try:

Articles 1

Articles 2

Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

Question forms


Here are some activities from English File:

Making questions 1

Making questions 2

Present simple 1

Present simple 2

Present continuous 1

Present continuous 2

Magnifying glass held over text displaying the word "Grammar"
Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out



Look at these resources from ESOL courses to develop your vocabulary for looking for a job:

Job search vocabulary list

Job search vocabulary wordsearch activity

Vocabulary for talking about Covid-19


Try these online activities from British Council Learn English:


Appearance 1

Jobs 1

Jobs 2



Games to Learn English has different activities to develop your vocabulary:



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