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Online Courses


BBC Learning English has different sessions to help you practise your English.


Here are some courses from Future Learn. You need to pay for the courses, but you can view the course materials for free.

Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate

English for the workplace

Entry 2 Topic Work


New Internationalist Learn English Wiki provides reading activities, where you can also practise your grammar and vocabulary:

Najala from Kenya says she flies too much

Let’s work less



Here are some activities from Education and Training Foundation to help you learn the language for working in the UK:



Care work

Pinboard with lots of coloured post-it notes attached
Learner studying with headphones on and sitting at a laptop

Speaking and Listening


Here are some videos and listening activities from ESOL Courses:

Climate change

The world’s greatest superfan


These activities from Learn English Teens will help you practise your listening skills:

Eating out

Free time


Stop wasting time


Learn English Teens also has activities to help you with your speaking:

Buying new shoes

Making plans

Giving your opinion

Talking about your family



ESOL Courses has some activities to help you prepare for Functional Skills reading exam:

Understanding job descriptions

Fire safety at work

Starting work


Read these news articles from News in Levels and watch the videos:

Applause for Spanish workers

Car companies help

New York bans plastic bags

Olympics delayed 


There are lots of different reading activies on British Council Learn English:

A message to a new friend

An email from a friend

An invitation to a job interview

Learner reading from a laptop and taking notes in a notebook
Learner writing in a notebook


There are lots of activities to practise your writing on British Council Learn English:

A personal profile

My last holiday

Messaging to make plans

An expression of interest




Have a look at these grammar activities from BBC Learning English:

Making questions

Present simple and present continuous

Adverbs of frequency

‘Have to’ and ‘must’

Past simple


British Council Learn English has a variety of grammar activities to try:

Articles 1

Articles 2

Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

Question forms


Here are some activities from English File:

Making questions 1

Making questions 2

Present simple 1

Present simple 2

Present continuous 1

Present continuous 2

Magnifying glass held over text displaying the word "Grammar"
Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out



Look at these resources from ESOL courses to develop your vocabulary for looking for a job:

Job search vocabulary list

Job search vocabulary wordsearch activity

Vocabulary for talking about Covid-19


Try these online activities from British Council Learn English:


Appearance 1

Jobs 1

Jobs 2



Games to Learn English has different activities to develop your vocabulary:



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