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 Future Learn has a Basic Elementary English course. You can improve your English for everyday life and it is free to register.

Entry 1 Topic Work

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Speaking and Listening

Watch the videos and do the speaking activities on British Council Learn English Teens:

At the shop

Buying new shoes


You can also try these listening activities from British Council Learn English Teens:

Study tips

Understanding numbers

Spelling names

Giving personal information

Daily routine

Describing people


Here are some listening activities from British Council Learn English:

A request from your boss

A voicemail message

Booking a table in a restaurant


Listen to some conversations on ELLLO and try the activities:

Worksheet for the listening activities

Meet the teachers

Likes and favourites

My weekend


My hometown


Read these news articles from News in Levels and watch the videos:

Applause for Spanish workers

Car companies help

New York bans plastic bags


Here are some activities from Education and Training Foundation:

Joanna’s living room

Going to the cinema

Learner reading from a laptop and taking notes in a notebook
Learner writing in a notebook


Practise using capital letters and full stops in this activity from English Courses.


Try these writing practice activities from British Council Learn English:

A message to say you’re late

A noticeboard message

A text message invitation

Scrabble board displaying various words spelled out


 Practise your vocabulary with these activities from Headway:

Verbs 1

Verbs 2

The time


Here are some more activities from Games to Learn English:




Look at these games from Many Things:

Verbs 1

Verbs 2


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