How you can join an ESOL class

Take an online test

If you live in Manchester (UK) or Greater Manchester and want to join an ESOL class, you can take our online assessment. We will look at your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The test will take 30 minutes- 1 hour depending on your level. New classes start regularly throughout the year.

ESOL Advice Sessions

You need to make an appointment to have an assessment if you wish to join an ESOL class in Manchester.

A teacher will ask you a few questions about yourself, where and when you can study and may ask you to read and write a little if you can. This will help us decide which class is good for you. You will need 30 minutes to do the assessment. You can bring a friend or a family member with you for support if you wish.

We will contact you by text message when we can offer you a place in an ESOL class.  There are lots of ways to practise English while you are waiting for a place.

The appointments for an ESOL assessment are held in these centres:


  • Abraham Moss Adult Learning Centre, M8 5UF
  • Manchester College, Harpurhey Campus, M9 4AF
  • Manchester College, Openshaw Campus, M11 2WH
  • Longsight Library Learning Centre, M12 4NE
  • Manchester College, St John’s Centre, M3 3BE
  • Greenheys Adult Learning Centre, M14 4HZ
  • Manchester College, Northenden Campus, M23 0DD
  • Forum Adult Learning Centre, Wythenshawe, M22 5RX

We use the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) levels to assess you. 

You will be assessed at a level from Pre Entry (with very low English skills) up to Level 2 (which is roughly equivalent to GCSE level).

The table here shows the approximate equivalents in the Common European Frame of Reference levels, in IELTs scores and in Cambridge and Trinity exams.

NQF level CEFR level Cambridge level Trinity ISE IELTs level
Pre Entry
Entry 1 A1
Entry 2 A2 KET 0 3
Entry 3 B1 PET 1 4
Level 1 B2 FCE 11 5.5
Level 2 C1 CAE 111 6.5


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