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New courses start in September 2020

If you live in Manchester (UK) or Greater Manchester and want to join an ESOL class, you can take our online assessment. We will look at your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The test will take 30 minutes- 1 hour depending on your level. 


A qualified teacher will assess your English. They will talk with you to assess your level in speaking and listening and you will be asked to do some writing and reading too. At the end of the assessment the teacher will advise you about your level and the options available to you.

Book an assessment (secure area for staff, password required)

We use the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) levels to assess you. 

You will be assessed at a level from Pre Entry (with very low English skills) up to Level 2 (which is roughly equivalent to GCSE level).

The table here shows the approximate equivalents in the Common European Frame of Reference levels, in IELTs scores and in Cambridge and Trinity exams.

NQF level CEFR level Cambridge level Trinity ISE IELTs level
Pre Entry
Entry 1 A1
Entry 2 A2 KET 0 3
Entry 3 B1 PET 1 4
Level 1 B2 FCE 11 5.5
Level 2 C1 CAE 111 6.5


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