Learn English in Manchester

Find out how to join an English course in Manchester – you will need to come along to one of our ESOL advice sessions for an assessment and we will help you to find a place on a course

Practise your English

You can improve your English even if you have to wait to join a class – there are lots of ways you can practise your English outside the classroom

ESOL courses in Manchester

We have details of the many places where you can learn English all across Manchester


You will have an assessment first to find out your level. Find out about the assessments and the different levels here.

Join a class

Find out about the ESOL Advice Sessions in different parts of Manchester and how to book a place for an assessment.

Where to study

There are lots of places in Manchester where you can learn English. Find out about the different courses on offer.

Practise outside the classroom

You can also improve your English online or by joining in with other activities outside the classroom.

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